Saturday, January 5, 2008


Use the type of clause, phrase, or grammar indicated to complete the following sentence; you can add the phrase or clause before or after the clause below:

... I wish you a happy New Year ...
1. Use a phrase
2. Use a dependent clause
3. Use an independent clause

Note: you can still see previous Sentence Completion questions; they are posted in the 2006/2007 archive in the side bar.


Irena said...

1. During this holiday season, I wish you a happy New Year.
2. When I wish you happy New Year, I am wishing you all the happiness and health from the bottom of my hart.
3. I wish you a happy New Year and I would like to invite you and your family to our annual New Year’s dance party at civics hall on the new years’ eve starting at 8P.M.

Veronica Baig said...

Irena: #1--good; #2--you have changed the independent clause you were given into a dependent one; #3--good.