Friday, November 21, 2008


Please post questions or comments about Module 1 and Assignment 1 here.


faith said...

Not as bad as I thought! Like they say...Just Do IT!

Anonymous said...

2 questions: How do we get the tutor marked assignment sheet to attach to our assignment. The system will only let me upload one file, I can't copy my assignment on the page with the form, and I can't copy the form into my assignment! Help please!

Secondly, what's the point of internal mail if no one answers it?

Thanks for the help!


Veronica Baig said...

leighsa: I suggest you cut and paste the TME into your Assignment. But, you should be able to attach two documents with moodle--if you can't, please contact the HelpDesk. You can also send assignments as attachments to regular e-mails.
For your second question, I'm not sure which internal mail you are referring to. Check with your tutor to make sure she is receiving your messages--phone or use regular e-mail to confirm the situation.