Monday, November 10, 2008

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE ... Nov. 10th, 2009

Use the type of clause, phrase, or grammar indicated to complete the following sentence; you can add the phrase or clause before or after (not both) the clause below:

... November 11th is Remembrance Day ...

1. Use a phrase
2. Use a dependent clause
3. Use an independent clause

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Amin said...

#1--Today, November 11th, is Remembrance Day.
#2--November 11th is Remembrance Day, the day we remember the war dead.
#3--November 11th is Remembrance Day, and we remember the people who have died in war.

Veronica Baig said...

AMIN: #1--a phrase is more than one word; #2--this is an independent clause--not a dependent one; #3--good:-)