Friday, November 21, 2008


Please post questions or comments about Module 4 and Assignment 4 here.


Brenda Lowen said...

I'm having trouble with some Possessive Nouns in the exercises, and I don't want to just look at the answer. I need to understand how to interpret it for other exercises and assignments. Any help?

Veronica Baig said...

Brenda: Are you confusing the plural with the possessive? If so, remember that with the possessive you can reword it using the word "of". For instance, "Brenda's book" can be reworded as "the book of Brenda". It gets a little more confusing when the possessive noun is also a plural: note the difference between "the girl's book" (the book of the girl), and "the girls' book" (the book of the girls". You can also identify the possessive noun because of the use of the apostrophe. Try the exercises, check the answers, and if you made mistakes, try to understand those mistakes--that feedback loop will help you understand the grammar. If you still have difficulties that you don't understand, then you should contact your tutor.